Storm Baseball Team to host Charlie Sheen-co de Mayo Night

Sheen Invited to Rehab in Lake Elsinore

The Lake Elsinore Storm Professional Baseball Team today officially invited actor Charlie Sheen to participate in a different kind of rehab, one that will recognize the former on-screen pitcher and star of “Major League” with a “Charlie Sheen-co de Mayo” promotion.
This special occasion, held on May 5, 2011, is fittingly a Thirsty Thursday promotion featuring one dollar beers and Coke products. On this festive night, fans can expect a full slate of fun to highlight the antics of the beloved star of “Two and a Half Men.”
Mr. Sheen, his entourage and “goddesses” are formally invited to attend this night of baseball, Charlie and fun. Pregame plans for the Charlie Sheen-co de Mayo Night include a limited edition bobblehead immortalizing the Hollywood icon, a “Wild Thing” glasses giveaway as well as retiring, for the season, his number 99 from his legendary role as closer Ricky Vaughn.
Other promotional elements will include an in-game taco eating contest, a Rehab-style party on the exclusive Tiki Terrace featuring #tigerblood cocktails and a two-for-one Ho Hos special.
“As with any rehab assignment, we’re here to help Charlie embrace that ‘#winning’ feeling,” said Chris Jones, Vice President/General Manager of the Storm. “Also, as a show of support, we welcome all current cast and crew members to the ballpark that night for only two and a half cents.”
The Storm, ironically, will be hosting the Bakersfield Blaze on May 5 at 7:05 PM at The Diamond in Lake Elsinore. Additional information will be posted on the team’s Website, Facebook and Twitter as it becomes available. To find out more about Charlie Sheen-co de Mayo Night and other Storm promotions, please visit or call (951) 245-4487.


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